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  Streetfighter II Turbo #10 (Ongoing)

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PostSubject: Streetfighter II Turbo #10 (Ongoing)   Mon Sep 20, 2010 2:12 am

Eng | RS & Hotfile | CBR | UDON Comics | Dec 16 2009 | 28 Pages (No Ads) | 9.55 MB
+ Streetfighter II Turbo Issues #0-9 Complete

Video game developer Capcom, holder of the insanely popular Street Fighter franchise, awarded UDON Entertainment the license to publish comic books based on the franchise and it is for this series that UDON became known. The Street Fighter comic book series draws not only on the established Street Fighter canon, but also occasionally addresses various continuity retcons, and even draws from fanon (invented or non-verified canon) and non-official sources as well. Street Fighter II is UDON's second Street Fighter story arc, named after the then newly-released game from which it is also patterned after. Street Fighter II Turbo is a spin-off and continuation of this second story arc and focuses on the second Street fighter tournament wherein fighters from all over the world compete to determine who is the World's Strongest. Currently the series spans Street Fighter Remix #0 through #10, the latest. Definitely not Watchmen but there's something to be said for a comic that can keep you interested with a bunch of action sounds like "woomph" and battle cries like "shinryuken!" Not to mention all the whooshing high kicks, uppercuts, and back flips. It is, quite simply, thoroughly entertaining. Period.

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Streetfighter II Turbo #10 (Ongoing)
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